Robins Bay and Green Castle are definitely not your shopping mecca, but we can offer a unique opportunity to meet local artists and buy local products. Green Castle is proud to offer only items made in Jamaica, and most items are made locally in the Parish of St Mary. We would be happy to connect you with local artists in the area. For example, the Clonmel Potters are just up the road in Highgate,and always welcome visitors from Green Castle to their studio. Ms. Bibbs appreciates the chance to show off her drawn cloth craft, and various other artists such as Alan Richards the artist painter in the area whose work is displayed in the estate house. Both are definitely worth a visit.

At Green Castle we buy all of our produce, fruit, meat and fish locally. A trip to the local market is always interesting and a great way to learn about Jamaican food and how it is grown. Feel free to join us on our Friday trip to the market.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in the shops, restaurants and attractions available to resorts and cruise ship guests, Ocho Rios is an hour away. You can find a variety of stores, including duty free shops and a large craft market. A visit to Ocho Rios could be a fun and easy day outing that gives you a chance to shop and a taste of some of Jamaica's more famous attractions like Dunns River Falls, Dolphin Cove and Mystic Mountain.