Jamaica’s outstanding beauty and ecological and cultural diversity offer visitors a unique and authentic experience. Nature and culture based tourism experiences are generally found off the regular tourist track. Hidden gems like Robins Bay and Portland Parish offer an opportunity to meet Jamaicans and appreciate what Caribbean life is really like.

Authentic Jamaica

The real Jamaica can offer visitors an extremely rewarding vacation experience. We love the opportunity to share our heritage and culture through music, food and good times. Most visitors to Jamaica spend their time in a large gated hotel. We invite you to step outside, meet the real Jamaica, make new friends, and feel welcome.

Cultural Immersion

The best way to experience Jamaica is to immerse yourself in the great things we have to offer. Eat real Jamaican food and/or learn some skills with one of our authentic Jamaican cooks. Take a walk with a local; learn about Jamaican and Caribbean endemic birds, flowers, butterflies, lizards and other creatures of the tropics. Many of us may not know the scientific names but have stories from our grandparents about which bird to leave alone on Sunday, and how to keep the duppies (ghosts) from visiting at night.

If you have time, volunteering is a great way to meet Jamaicans from all walks of life. The Robins Bay schools welcome you to spend time assisting them to better educate the children of the area. Drop by the village in the evening for a game of soccer or cricket. Jamaica’s culture and island lifestyle are inspiring, welcoming and full of life. Let us help you immerse yourself in a true Jamaican cultural experience. You won’t regret it.

Estate Tour and Lunch Rates

Estate Tour and Lunch by Reservations only, Mondays through Fridays: Special arrangements can be made for group tours on weekends.

  • $30 US per Adult
  • $10 US per Child
  • $15 US per Adult for Lunch
  • $7.50 US per Child for Lunch