Bespoke Birding – do it your way!

We can provide everything from a day pass for non-residents to a fully guided birding holiday – the choice is yours!

  • Access and trail maps for independent birding
  • Guided walks around the estate with our local bird guides
  • Day trips to key sites like the Blue Mountains and Ecclesdown Road
  • A complete birding itinerary, designed to your requirements
  • An All-inclusive Birding Tour, fully guided and including two day trips

We welcome all visitors but to make the most of Green Castle, we strongly recommend that you stay in our superb accommodation. A detailed map will enable you to explore the marked trails for yourself, but you will probably want some help to make the most of your time. Our excellent bird guides are certified with the Jamaica Tourism Product Development Company, an arm of the Jamaican Tourist Board; they are also members of Team Jamaica. They can accompany you as often as you require, making birding more enjoyable and helping to locate the most elusive species.

Our Guides can also take you to other areas such as the Blue Mountains and Ecclesdown Road, where we can find the only endemic species which has never been recorded at Green Castle – Crested Quail-Dove. For the latest prices and availability, please see our Special Offers.

If you are travelling from Europe you should consider staying with us for two weeks, or combine you birding holiday with a stay in one of the regular tourist areas. If you want to extend your birding itinerary, there are also short hopper flights to other parts of the Caribbean such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Cayman Islands.

Endemic Birds
Jamaica has more endemic bird species than any other Caribbean island!
“Endemism" is a concept that refers to the geographic range of a species. A bird that is endemic to Jamaica is one that is found only on the island of Jamaica and nowhere else in the world. There are also Caribbean endemics, species that are restricted to Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

Non-birding partners will love Green Castle!

The birding is fantastic but there is a lot more to Green Castle. We want you to relax and soak up the atmosphere, sample the unique local cuisine, meet the warmest people and experience legendary Jamaican hospitality. Sit back, close your eyes, then take a dip in our beautiful pool or snooze in your hammock. The Estate House hosts a lovely pool, tennis court and gardens with beautiful vistas – there’s nowhere more relaxing! And if you need to keep in touch with the outside world, we have satellite TV and free internet access. Take a tour, visit the local community and see the variety of local farming and fishing. Explore the island’s history, with records at Green Castle dating back to 900AD. See how we produce our own coconut oil, visit our ginger farm or our apiary.